MEXC MasterCard
Let’s apply for a MEXC MasterCard and top it up with your crypto balance
Application Rules
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Global Consumption
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Use it for your online shopping worldwide
Top up with your crypto balance anytime
Create a Card in Just 3 Steps
Apply Online
To apply for MasterCard online through the MEXC website, you need to complete advanced KYC and provide passport and personal photo.
Activate Online
After the application is approved, you can activate your MEXC MasterCard online and top up the card through your MEXC account.
Card Ready
Your MEXC MasterCard is now activated. You can use your MEXC MasterCard for consumption.
Apply online, no appointment required.
The virtual card can be used immediately.
More Secure
3D Secure (3DS) ensures the safety of your transactions.
Receive real-time alerts on your smartphone for each transaction, and always know your funds flow.
More Convenient
This card supports online shopping worldwide via MasterCard network.