Become A Verified Merchant

Apply to be a Verified Merchant to freely post ads, as well as enjoy privileges and trading benefits!

Advanced Ads Management

Merchants can access more trading tools via the merchant portal to better manage advertisements and trading activities.

Verified Badge

A verified badge will be added beside your P2P nickname, adding credibility to your brand.

Dedicated Customer Service

MEXC offers dedicated 24/7 Customer Service, with fast response to your requests or issues.

How to become a verified merchant?

Complete SMS Verification
Complete Email Verification
Complete Advanced KYC Verification
Security Deposit

Fiat Account Available Balance ≥ --- USDT

The --- USDT will be frozen in your Fiat account as a security deposit once your application has been submitted.


Why do I need to complete Advanced KYC Verification?

To ensure a safe and reliable trading environment and uphold MEXC P2P's high level of credibility, applicants must comply with the completion of the Advanced KYC Verification.